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    Some got banned, some did not. I had one account that got banned. The other did not. Use at your own risk!

    Tools needed:
    // fiddler
    // SWF Files
    // any browser
    // a heart that is ready to get banned in case

    Read This First:
    I know that NS is very strict but if you do not abuse the cheats, you will not get banned! The only way NS bans according to their replies in the forum is by checking your level. If you gain too many levels in 1 day, you WILL get banned. I am only referring to those level 15 and above. I personally gained from level 1-15 in one day and did NOT get banned - yet. Just know that NS is pretty strict and I will not be held responsible if you get banned.

    Note written by PaperJam@Pwnthis:
    Try this first on a dummy or a possible next account.
    Make some interval for every mission.
    Dont repeat same mission else, do a chain of mission. Ex: BLM1-BLM2-BLM3-BLM4 then go back to BLM1 (repeat)

    I tested this in two account a fresh account and an old account with char level 18.
    With the fresh account i run the swf code smoothly(no banned code), but when i run the swf code on the old account after i refresh the browser i got this banned message.

    I therefore conclude that you use a char that does not take any normal or special mission. If your char already taken other than Blacklist Mission i guess you will get banned.
    So as of now make a new char just make it until level 20 since there was a exam mission. I'll just figure out next week how to avoid that banned code with the level 20 exam mission.

    -This swf version will instantly finish your mission.
    -Consist of four mission entitled:
    Blacklist Mission One xp:3200 gold:1200
    Blacklist Mission Two xp:3800 gold:1400
    Blacklist Mission Three xp:4400 gold:1600
    Blacklist Mission Four xp:5000 gold:1800

    GoodLuck to all hope you wont get banned. This one is slow leveling from other version of swf but i think this is the safest. If you got some errors just refresh it and your be okay. try also not to do same quest at the same time.. try to make a chain of quest. :

    Download the files above.
    Open Fiddler.
    Go to Autoresponder and ensure both 'Enable Automatic.. ' and 'Permit pass...' are ticked
    Click ADD.
    A 'String To Match' will appear, change it to REGEX:(?insx)^.*mostwanted\.swf$
    Click on the ▼ button beside the Save and select 'File a file'
    Browse to the files that you have downloaded above and select 'mostwanted.swf'
    Click SAVE
    Click ADD again.
    A 'String To Match' will appear, change it to REGEX:(?insx).*data_library_en\.swf$
    Click on the ▼ button beside the Save. And select 'File a file'
    Browse to the files that you have downloaded above and select 'data_library_en.swf'
    Click SAVE.
    Clear browser cache and reload/enter Ninja Saga.
    You will have 4 new missions in the lowest Grade.

    Sorry guys i'm not posting much these days.. since i quit NS and leave my level 50 character banned :D.. don't worry i'll post if i have time.. i'm enjoying playing bandmaster and crossfire.. and i'm getting adicted watching Small Ville..

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     on 26/7/2010, 2:16 pm  
    don't use this on your primary account.. this cheat is too risky.. how can i remove this post?

    I have 5 friends who use this cheat at the same time.. 3 of them got banned

     on 26/7/2010, 5:10 pm  
    i got banned

     on 26/7/2010, 7:25 pm  
    warning this cheat getting banned....

     on 26/7/2010, 8:16 pm  
    I got banned :(

     on 26/7/2010, 11:12 pm  
    marami ba na banned sa cheat na ito ngayon?

     on 27/7/2010, 12:53 am  
    nice instant banned!!! wag nyo na gawin yan instant banned lang yan mag hintay na lang tau ng glitch wag na cheat

     on 27/7/2010, 2:47 pm  
    loverboy_143 wrote:nice instant banned!!! wag nyo na gawin yan instant banned lang yan mag hintay na lang tau ng glitch wag na cheat

    kulit kasi.. sinabi ko ng don't use this.. look at the first comment

     on 27/7/2010, 4:30 pm  
    Hmm.. bakit kayo na banned? tinry ko but di ako na banned.. mula level 1 hangang 21

    here are some additional steps nadagdag

    here a tip for all..

    first log in to facebook..
    then click ninja saga upon loading screen clear cache everything..
    log in to your char.. just cancel pls log in..
    do 3.8k and 3.2k mission only.. dont take the 4k and 5k..
    u finish two mission.. click home.. warning pls dont click reload
    button or you will get banned.. you must have patient of doing it again
    and again...

    here is the proof

     on 27/7/2010, 11:58 pm  
    edit lol..

     on 27/7/2010, 11:59 pm  
    level 21 jounin... imposible edit yan .. lol

     on 28/7/2010, 3:05 pm  
    loverboy_143 wrote:edit lol..

    i have trick on chunin junin mission..

    First time you've seen a level 21 with junin badge?

     on 28/7/2010, 8:37 pm  
    oo meron yan meron din ako jonin level 23 sa cheat nya hindi pa na ba banned yun hanggang ngayun

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