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    Click the url to play Wildones
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    Hi Readers,

    While waiting for an Ultimate Cheat for Wild Ones. Let me discuss some few important TIPS in winning the Game. This Guide is what you need to dominate the virtual battlefield of Wild Ones for Facebook, and not be marked as a looser ab course.

    Wild Ones for Facebook Tip #1 - When the match starts, quickly survey the battlefield and count the number of players. If there are four players, type a message asking the player closer to you to team up. If they accept, you will have an advantage. You can then work together to defeat the other two players. This should guarantee at least a second place ranking. If there are only three players, make sure that you are not in the middle. The middle player is typically killed off first.

    Wild Ones for Facebook Tip #2 - Learn how to use your weapons proficiently.

    Missiles - always aim on your opponents feet for a greater impact which will cause to throw them in the air and get more damage.

    Goo Gun- works best when shot at someone who is in a crater(get a team mate to toss some bee's in there with him and you have a dead pet).

    Bee Gun -Throw Bees on an opponent whose not next to move, because he will just escape further damage, good to fire bees to someone who's 3rd or fourth turn to move. Works best to someone who is in a crater

    Grenade - always, especially on the jungle map, teleport and fire it up while teleporting ) under the butt or face of your opponent.

    Drill Gun - don't shoot the drill gun straight at people, seriously... Use it strategically, as a trap or way to hide yourself. Don't be too obvious that you are desperate to win. Or other players will choose to kill you first.

    MIRV - Keep an eye out for players who are standing close together and throw MIRV over them . If you are lucky, a well placed shot will dock health points from both opponents. This especially works well if there are multiple players teamed up against you.

    never waste inventory on trying to escape a situation if you are going to die anyway...

    Wild Ones for Facebook Tip #3 - During the game, weapon boxes will randomly drop from the sky. Each box contains a unique weapon like the MRV. There are usually several health boxes scattered across the map. Keep your player near one just in case you need it. If have enough time, always try to get a box before throwing a weapon.

    Wild Ones for Facebook Tip #4 - Each round only lasts a certain amount of time. Think about your next move before your turn, so you can execute your plan, faster, especially when game is laggy. Also, once the time has expired, the map will reach a total destruction stage. At this point in the round, climb to the highest point and stay alive as long as possible. Reserve a grappling hook or a teleport as much as possible.

    Wild Ones for Facebook Tip #5 - Experiment with different pet types and weapons in the practice mode. This will help you figure out which weapons and skill sets match your playing style.

    Dog - Medium Health and Skill ( Bomb Bone ) is advantage, disadvantage is escaping especially to higher grounds

    Rabbits - Definitely weak and Low health but speed and escaping strategy is advantage

    Panda - Strong in Health but disadvantage in movement or escaping

    Monkey - Low Health but Skill is in maximum advantage use for escaping and enhance target position.

    Wild Ones for Facebook Tip #6 - Be careful not to get stuck in deep holes in the map. When this happens, you not only become stuck in one place (unable to reach health or weapon boxes), but you become an easy target. Learn how to use the teleporter and grappling hook well. This can be useful for getting you out of sticky situations.

    Wild Ones for Facebook Tip #7
    Lastly, be wise and observe your opponents chat messages. If they are a newbie, you can tell them some information's that gets their interest, like telling them to press Ctrl + W and they will get extra grenade or something. They will surely be out of the game as soon they tried it.

    Wild Ones definitely has a unique playing platform. It is unlike many of the typical game that you would find on Facebook. Hopefully, this guide will help you as you become the most fierce competitor in the pet fighting world.

    GOOD LUCK!!! and see you in the battle field . . !

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     on 7/6/2010, 6:43 pm  
    not working anymore

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    what part?

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