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    ok guys! first of all "I Don't Play Wild Ones." so, don't ask me about this, i just want to share it, because many people need this.

    someone sent a message in my account (i don't knowhim/her).

    for those who don't know yet

    Credit: Josh.

    Tip for Sink or Swim.

    1. Every time you start. Usualy there is boxes of ammo or health in the middle of the field.
    2. to get there just make an opening with the rocket launcher or a grenade etc.
    3. But make sure once you get in there you get out by using grappling hook, teleporter, etc. so you don't drown. hope this helped :).


    Credit: Lawrence yuen

    in all fields.

    1. pressing space repeatedly in water lets u swim.
    2. if there is a thin piece of land between u and enemy u can blast anything full power into it and then the weapon will go through and u must be right next to the thin strip of land noly if it is like .5cm big if its smaller u can hit from farther away.

    Sink or swim
    wall glitch!!

    1. in the far left is a bridge with an open area under it, blast the bridge
    2. on 2nd turn go against the pile of dishes fire teleporter into it at 14 degrees
    3. next charge another teleporter b4 teleporting aiming at NEGATIVE 9-10 degrees
    4. fire it when u start teleporting which is when u see white bubbles
    u must do this exactly at the right time or else u will be pushed back out
    5. if it works u will stay inside the pile but u will also take 40 dmg like u take dmg in water
    6. u shoul fire a drill gun so u wont take cumulative dmg
    7. u should practice this in practice mode first to get the hang of it
    8. usually after i make it inside the wall i would make a tunnel. then i blow the 2nd middle bridge so that when som1 blows the top and som1 falls in they fall down and die.

    how to not get hurt by weapons or drowning(very useful)

    Credit: ??? (i don't know lol).

    most basic:

    1. use drill gun to make tunnel.
    2. if no drill gun well hide duh...
    3. o yeah don't let them corner u n tunnel...


    1 if bees blast them but get out of explosion range obviously
    2. if bees up high thro grenade up high so it explodes in bee infested area after 4 sec
    3. for goo use grapple immediately or teleporter (this takes longer though)
    4.for grenades hope that the thrower suks at aiming(i know this is dumb).

    goodluck guys.

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