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    Lets start the ball rolling.

    Tools you need :

    Cheat Engine 5.5

    Step 01 : For a start, try to catch some fishes in the pond for some real money.

    Step 02 : Experiment this cheat with a bait as this is the cheapest item in this game.

    Step 03 : Open Cheat engine, Do not check Hex , Scan type : Exact value , Value Type : 4 bytes

    and also check scan read only Memory.

    Step 04 : Example i have 2 bait in my inventory. The value for me to scan will be (2 x 8)+6

    which is 22 so i enter 22 in the value hit the Next scan button and scan my address.

    Step 05 : Go back to your equipment and sell 1 of your bait, which mean you have 1 bait in your

    inventory now. Example now you have 1 bait in your inventory. The value for me to scan will be

    x 8)+6 which is 14 so i enter 14 in the value hit the Next scan button and scan my

    address. If you did this right? you will be able to see 1 address.

    Step 06 : Double click on the address and add it to the bottom box of cheat engine. Change the

    value to how many amount of duplication you want. As stated by showbiztalk (1000 items -

    8006 value) so example i want to have 999 duplication i just change the value to 7998.

    Cheat is done :p

    Duplication can be done not only baits but on fishes, equipments or even boat as well.

    Here is a short guide of number to search : it means if you have 1 bait you should scan 14

    1 14
    2 22
    3 30
    4 38
    5 46
    6 54
    7 62
    8 70
    9 78
    10 86
    11 94
    12 102
    13 110
    14 118
    15 126
    16 134
    17 142
    18 150



    just reply if there is wrong

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     on 8/10/2009, 10:07 am  
    FIXED and posted leecher

     on 9/10/2009, 1:01 am  
    gunners99 wrote:


    He even had the guts to say that he found this cheat... wow:))

    leecher haha

     on 10/10/2009, 4:07 pm  
    is this already fix??

     on 11/10/2009, 9:43 am  
    yea and its already posted lol..

     on 11/10/2009, 9:44 am  
    blackchaos214 wrote:yea and its already posted lol..

    and same format

    sorry i cant see the edit button

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